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What’s a Biography?

A biography is the written story of an individual’s life. When an individual writes his or her personal life story, it’s known as an autobiography. A biography or autobiography tells the place and when the particular person was born, what he did, and what occurred to him all by his life. In historic occasions, most biographies had been written both to show an ethical lesson or to clarify one thing about historical past. These historic biographies weren’t all the time right, however a lot of them had been very fascinating to learn. The Lives of the Greeks and Romans by Plutarch are in all probability probably the most well-known. They had been utilized by Shakespeare as sources for a number of of his biographical performs, corresponding to Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra Sake Dean Mohamed.

Essentially the most well-known biography within the English language is the Lifetime of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell, written practically 200 years in the past. (You may learn brief articles about Johnson and Boswell on this encyclopedia.) One of the crucial well-known early American autobiographies is that of Benjamin Franklin. Inside the final hundred years, biographies have grow to be a lot greater, typically so long as ten volumes or extra. These lengthy biographies had been normally written about well-known authors or statesmen. Biographers included nice portions of fabric, corresponding to private letters and official paperwork. Generally these are very boring, besides to college students who’re learning concerning the individuals within the biographies. Essentially the most trendy sort of biography tells every part that’s recognized concerning the topic, whether or not it exhibits him to have been an excellent man or a foul one.

Older biographies usually not noted vital info, as a result of they might have appeared unkind. Trendy biographers attempt to inform the reality, even when it hurts. A quick article about an individual, in or in an encyclopedia corresponding to this one, is a type of biography.

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